Who is Flamingo?

Flamingo, the real name is Albert Aretz, was born on June 11, 1997, in New Jersey. He is a video game enthusiast who has earned a subscriber base of more than 10 million by publishing. Besides, he plays all kinds of games but he likes to play Roblox.

Flamingo is a video game enthusiast who created his first Roblox account in 2008. In July 2012, he registered his AlbertsStuff YouTube Channel. Now, he has earned over 10,000,000 subscribers through the content released on his channel. He was first known as AlbertsStuff.

Until 2017, he has been publishing Roblox videos but he finally decided to leave his AlbertsStuff Channel and begin a new Channel Flamingo. The Flamingo Channel has the same Roblox contents without swearing or inappropriate words so all the ages can watch. Furthermore, his new Channel consists of many other games but Roblox is still his most popular content.


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